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To maintain confidentiality, patients are identified by initials only. I would like to thank all the patients quoted for giving permission to publish these testimonials.

1st class treatment from start to finish. 

Very well explained. 

I was always informed what Andrew was doing and why.

Great to be pain free!

Thanks again!!

5 stars


I would definitely recommend his treatment

I initially felt apprehensive about attending the osteopath, but Andrew made me fell very relaxed about both talking about my problems and about examining me. 

Thank you.

5 stars


I am very satisfied with the treatment of my backache

I have been suffering with pain behind my shoulder for three months, have had two sessions of good osteopathy and am very grateful to be free of aches.

5 stars


Andrew soon had me moving about easily and walking without a stick.

5 stars


Thank you

As a visitor from Canada, I came in sight unseen unable to walk properly.

After one treatment I am upright and walking naturally. 

5 stars


Precise, detailed and problem fixed! First class treatment.

5 stars


The treatment and advice I received got me back out running again

Andrew Pallas was recommended to me when I was suffering from a bad back which was preventing me from running.

I had been training to run a half marathon to raise money for charity and was worried I would be unable to do it, as my back had been in pain for two months and was showing no sign of getting better.

The treatment and advice I received got me back out running again within a few weeks.

As well as feeling better physically, I have piece of mind knowing where I was going wrong in my technique and improving on it will be beneficial to me and prevent further injury in the future.

5 stars


I was a bit nervous, but Andrew and his wife Jyoti were really nice and put me at ease.

I came to Andrew because I could hardly move and was in excruciating pain, luckily when I phoned he had a cancellation that afternoon.

After the treatment I felt much better and virtually pain free, I came a couple of weeks later and had another treatment, afterwards I felt really great, no pain.

I would recommend coming to Andrew if you are in pain and can hardly move as he will get rid of it quickly (he did for me anyway).

5 stars


I’ll always be grateful.

I never thought that I’d be able to walk again, I wish I’d known Mr. Pallas three months ago.

5 stars


A very pleasant experience

(not at all what I was expecting).

It’s a great feeling to be pain free!

5 stars


Would recommend to anyone

Treatment very good, more than I can say.

Most pleased.

5 stars


The quality of my life was much improved

Prior to my first visit, I was unable to sleep due to the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. I had constant pain throughout the day and night.

Following my first treatment, I was able to sleep for the first time in months and I was virtually pain free throughout the day.

I can highly recommend the treatment, which was given in a very professional but friendly manner.

5 stars


Very enjoyable experience getting to know and chat with Andrew.

Visited three times now and not only has my back pain and problem disappeared…

I feel so much better than I did before.

Would happily recommend.

5 stars


Very enjoyable experience getting to know and chat with Andrew.

Having suffered with muscle spasms in my back since my mid twenties (now in my late sixties) I decided that I would try an Osteopath to see if they could succeed where others in the medical profession had only been able to provide temporary respite and not a cure for my back problems.

So, in July of 2005 I decided to visit Andrew to see if he could provide me with some relief. After a thorough examination of my back movements, he identified what was causing the problems and spent the next few visits getting my back into shape.  He also gave me regular exercises to prevent the problem reoccurring, which I have done religiously since 2005. I’m really pleased to tell you that I have had no re-occurrence of my original muscle spasms even though I am currently getting plenty of back work cutting and splitting firewood.  Andrew has also provided me with a back exercise that very much eases the muscle fatigue following bending down to cut logs.

A couple of years ago I slipped in some snow and put my left arm out to break my fall. This unfortunately wrenched my arm above my head causing severe pain in my left shoulder. I didn’t seek any help for this, it took a long time to heal and I was left with the occasional painful shoulder whenever I did any overhead work. Whilst I was visiting Andrew on one of my now regular checkups, I asked him to take a closer look at my shoulder as I had needed to visit the doctor to get some pain relief. Andrew examined my shoulder and explained how it worked and why I was getting the reoccurring pain. The next couple of sessions saw the shoulder back in working order and I now don’t have to worry or be cautious about doing overhead work.

I can highly recommend that anybody who is suffering back problems should visit an Osteopath, instead of visiting their local GP. Andrew Pallas is a credit to his profession, he is very knowledgeable about back problems and takes the time to make a thorough examination and provide a detailed explanation of what the problem is and where he can, provides a permanent cure, which if far more natural and longstanding than a bottle of pills.

5 stars


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Thank you for helping me stay fit and independent.

5 stars


Andrew was very knowledgable and had a very good “bedside manner.”

I found his treatment and associated advice both enlightening and helpful.

5 stars


The treatment I received was first class and very professional.

Just a note to say a big thank you for “sorting” me out. 

5 stars


For too many years I ignored the need to go to an osteopath

I’m so pleased to have finally done it.

I learned about my own body’s needs and about being much more relaxed.

5 stars


Mr. Pallas CAN do miracles!

Very pleased with treatment.

5 stars


Very happy with the care and pain relief Andrew has given me.

5 stars


I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received from Andrew.

He is amazingly knowledgable. His attitude to the job in hand is very serious and at the same time one can feel relaxed when undergoing treatment.

He certainly doesn’t “jump in at the deep end” but weighs the situation very carefully.

Thank you Andrew.

5 stars


I highly recommend him, osteopathy has to be tried by anyone with a bad back, IT WORKS.

Went to Doctors, was told they could not do much but take Paracetamol, gentle walking and exercise, but (I) could hardly do this.

Made an appointment with Andrew Pallas, had just one hour session, my back was like new…

5 stars


I can hold my head up again.

Help! I was sore and stiff and very sorry for myself.

After four treatments I am no longer stiff or sore and am no longer sorry for myself.

5 stars


Excellent diagnostic skills with very effective treatment.

Osteopath – Very professional.

Reception – Always very helpful and efficient.

5 stars


Excellent, in helping me to have confidence in my body again.

5 stars


Many thanks Andrew, the best decision I’ve made for a long time was to come and see you!

I came to see you at the beginning of the month whilst I was on a motorcycling holiday in Scotland, on the off chance that you might be able to offer me some relief from a long-standing and persistent pain I was suffering from, and which was making my holiday quite uncomfortable, particularly when I was riding the bike.

You were kind enough to see me the same day for a very thorough assessment and examination, and subsequent treatment.

Almost immediately, and from that point on, I felt so much better and was able to continue my holiday, and return home to Oxfordshire, virtually free from the pain that had plagued me for so long.

I will be sure to pay you another visit when I’m next in Oban for a follow-up, whether I need it or not!

5 stars


Andrew fixed my neck problem when the doctors couldn’t help.

I find the service outstanding, always a warm welcome.

Advice and guidance from Andrew is always given in a practical way and I feel I have been handed a new lease of life after each session.

I would recommend to all, don’t sit and suffer, this could change your life.

5 stars


Excellent and very effective after years of pain and restricted movement.

5 stars


Magic hands

I found Mr. Pallas to be very professional, the relief after the first session was a huge relief to me.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Pallas to anyone who was in pain. 

5 stars


Absolutely fantastic

If ever there was a man put on this earth to be god, Andrew Pallas is that man!

5 stars


Thank you Andrew

Having three weeks of severe pain in my hip and leg, I phoned Andrew Pallas.

After only two treatments I was pain free, it is wonderful.

5 stars


What a huge difference it has made to my mobility.

I never cease to recommend Andrew’s treatments.

5 stars


Great Help, thanks.

As usual Andrew, you straightened me up and encouraged me to stand and walk normally again. 

5 stars


I am very satisfied

Mr. Pallas really listens to you and makes you feel engaged in your treatment… you are part of it too.

5 stars


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