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How could Andrew Pallas Osteopath help treat my aches, pains or sports injuries?

How could Andrew Pallas Osteopath help you

Do you suffer with back pain or neck pain?

Is sciatica making your life miserable?

Are you in pain from muscle or joint problems?

Do you have a sports injury?

Are aches and pains interfering with your life?

Just not functioning as well as you should?

…Andrew Pallas may be just the person you need to see

With treatment you will receive:

An in-depth assessment to develop an understanding of your individual problems and how they could best be helped

Gentle manual treatment to help relieve pain and restore normal movement.

Advice on how to reduce symptoms and speed healing

Coaching in rehabilitation methods to help you get back to normal activity and to prevent similar problems in the future

If Andrew believes you have a condition needing some other type of treatment, he will advise you and refer you to another health professional

Gentle, comfortable individualised treatment

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