Do you suffer with back pain or neck pain?

Is sciatica making your life miserable?

Are you are in pain from muscle or joint problems?

Do you have a sports injury?

Could it be that you are just not functioning as well as you should?

           . . . Andrew Pallas may be just the person you need to see

When you attend for treatment you will receive

  1. BulletAn in depth assessment to develop an understanding of your individual         problems and how they could best be helped

  2. BulletGentle manual treatment to help relieve pain and restore normal movement.

  3. BulletAdvice on how to reduce symptoms and speed healing

  4. BulletCoaching in rehabilitation methods to help you get back to normal activity and to prevent similar problems in the future

  5. BulletIf Andrew believes you have a condition needing some other type of treatment, he will advise you and refer you to another health professional

To book an appointment in Oban call Andrew Pallas Osteopath on

01631 567054

Relieving pain and restoring function

                         - to get you back to living your life     

How Could Andrew Pallas Osteopath Help You?

Serving patients in Argyll including Oban, Lochgilphead, the Isles of Mull, Iona, Coll, Tiree plus the Outer Hebrides


Healthcare provided by regulated healthcare professionals is an essential service and therefore exempt from lockdown restrictions.

All appointments have to be pre-booked, to book an appointment leave a message on 01631 567054 giving your name and phone number(s). We will call you back for a triage chat to ensure that a face-to-face consultation is appropriate for you. We will also explain the process of attending the clinic. You can probably guess this will include copious hand washing/sanitising.

We are also requiring patients to wear a disposable medical or surgical mask while they are in the practice (the masks that are blue on the outside and white on the inside). These masks have tested levels of protection from droplet spread. Other masks may be just as good, or utterly useless! This uncertainty increase the risks to us and other patients. Any mask with a valve  provides NO protection to others at all!  If you do not have a medical or surgical mask when you attend an appointment, we can provide you with one for 50p.

I look forward to hearing your messages on

01631 567054.

If you would like to read the excruciating detail of my Covid-19 related risk assessment and the mitigating steps I have taken, leave me a message with your name, telephone number and your e-mail address and I will send you your very own copy. Advanced Warning: I am not expecting it to appear on any “Best Sellers” list, it may however be an effective treatment for insomnia!